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About FirmTools

FirmTools was founded in 2004, growing out of a project to create our own line of products for digital cameras users, from a well-known outsourcing company called MDO.

What distinguishes all software products released under the FirmTools brand is their convenience for users, maximum functionality, high product quality and high-quality photo image processing. Coupled with moderate prices, those features make FirmTools products competitive and attractive for a wide range of potential users.

Our software products aim to meet the needs of digital cameras users for convenient, reliable and quality software to accomplish everyday tasks and realize their creative concepts. Both professionals and novice photographers will appreciate our products. We provide updates and new themes, and, optionally, source code if it’s necessary to customize the product more than the built-in tools allow.

The FirmTools team has many other interesting ideas. We hope to continue making our users happy, adding new functionality to existing products and developing interesting and useful new products.

Thank you for choosing us!

Our mission

Our goal is creating high quality, affordable and convenient software for digital camera users to let them carry out specific tasks better than any competitors. We’re not aiming to create another PhotoShop or Illustrator. We just want to create best, most convenient and powerful software products to let you accomplish your everyday tasks.

How do we manage to create great software?

  • We are active users of digital cameras, so we know firsthand what camera users need.
  • We have fundamental knowledge in mathematics and programming that lets us create very high-quality and effective software.
  • We constantly study the digital camera software market and strive to keep up with the latest advances in technology.
  • We are anxious to be pioneers in the field. When you buy our products, you’ll always get a bit more than you expected.
  • And finally, we love our users. We pay attention to their opinions and suggestions, provide technical support, rush to implement their requests and customize our software to suit their needs.

Currently, we are glad to offer you the following software products.