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Enter a few specific keywords that describe the information you want to find. Be sure to separate keywords with spaces and to include relevant information, such as product name, platform, and any error message. Searches aren't case sensitive, and you don't need to type "and" between keywords. The search results include documents that contain all of the words in your query. You can narrow the number of results you get by adding more words to your query, or you can broaden your search by including fewer words.

Tips on searching:

  • Use words likely to appear on the site (product names, tool names, terms specific to the product or software);
  • If you want the search to include a common word (such as "where," "at," or "and"), put the word in quotes as part of a phrase or term ("Windows 2000 and XP") or indicate its inclusion with a plus sign (+how). Be sure to include a space before the plus sign;
  • The search results include exact matches for a keyword you enter, not for related words or extensions. For example, if you enter "book," the search results don't include "books," "bookstore," "textbook," or "booking" as matches.